Thursday, April 27, 2006

Theatre gives hope to children of Jenin

This story from reminded me of one of my last visits to the occupied West Bank to see family in Jenin. During that particular trip, a couple of friends and I ended up watching a theatre production created by the local boy/girl scouts council. It was strange to pass by demolished buildings destroyed in brutal fighting and a few moments later come upon a sort of "normalcy" with the was nice to see in the middle of Jenin's mayhem and the city's anxiety from Israeli occupation people enjoying themselves — kids laughing and proud parents beaming with joy.

Theatre gives hope to children of Jenin

A new theatre is bringing alternative plays to the residents of the Jenin refugee camp in the West Bank to help educate children and adults.

The idea of a theatre and drama workshop might normally sound out of place in the notoriously blighted camp in the northern West Bank.

But these concepts are alive and well after the founding of the Freedom Theatre in February.

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