Saturday, May 06, 2006

Dar Al-Mustafa Dowra Program 2006

The Dowra Summer Program 2006:
40-day intensive beginning July 1, 2006

A summer with the "inheritors of the Prophets" (may God's peace be upon them all)

The founders and teachers of Dar Al-Mustafa are dedicated to training their students to achieve three main goals:

1) The acquisition of authentic Islamic knowledge (shari`ah) as established by the scholars of ahl as-sunna wa al-jama`ah: this knowledge, which is received through an unbroken chain of transmission from the Prophet Muhammad, is to be attained, realized, and implemented in the student's life.

2) The purification of the soul and the refinement of character by learning and following prophetic examples of moral conduct and noble demeanor.

3) The dissemination of the message brought by the Prophet Muhammad and spreading the call to Islam using a methodology based on mercy, truthfulness, sincerity, high opinions of others, and a commitment to act upon one's faith.

Thus, the central purpose of Dar Al-Mustafa, as indicated by these goals, is the attainment of beneficial knowledge by learning from the people who possess it, acting upon this knowledge in an exemplary way, and calling to Allah with true insight and discernment.

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