Thursday, September 21, 2006

Swimming in the Mystic’s litanies
Drinking from the wine of Divine Love in the ocean of epiphanies

Salvation and sanctification, paths not found through me
A guiding Way led only by The One, transcendent is He!

The Creator, The Unique, placed in the Chosen One an eye to see
The Light bestowed through he who ascended on the luminous steed
It Is for you Oh seeker, established by the Decree!

So be not fooled by the modern’s dead heart,
One hardened and extinguished by spiritual sobriety,
One finished without a new start

And flee from the one that materialism seizes
He is mired in its teases, veiled by insidious spiritual diseases

For The One, beyond limits, cannot be fathomed
Nor sought without a soul outstretched, ransomed

So swim in the ocean that contains no shores,
Be soothed by its waves that cause no sores

Cry a mighty thanks and weep in fear, it is a must, as the end nears
Let pour and be not ashamed of your abundant tears,
For it is a shame that one squanders her Ramadan in these waning years

God bless him and give him peace! Ya Lateef!

1 comment:

Andrew said...

I like this poem a lot. It really speaks to a generation, and the optimism and inspiration is clear and artuflly expressed.Nice work. More to come I hope.