Monday, February 19, 2007

A little piece of my thoughts

This is a response I wrote to Sahar Ullah's excellent essay at the blog other|matters called Personal Reflections on Naked Eyes

Our visual culture is truly fascinating. So much baggage we are forced to carry, especially those of us who are young and forced to negotiate varied and sometimes seemingly contradictory identities. I’m 21 and have been through several phases with each being an internal maturation but outwardly to those around me a dangerous spiritual stasis.

In these times of personal development and transition, everyone has something to say, but not something to live. I hope we can get, as you said Sahar, beyond our “good Muslim, bad Muslim” dichotomization and just explore who we are, the spaces we inhabit and our relationships with people around us, be they Muslim or not. I appreciate guidance and wisdom more than direction and judgement. And surely to God is our return.

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