Sunday, May 06, 2007

War brought Bosnian Muslim women back to Islam

From the Washington Post

SARAJEVO (Reuters) - Film director Aida Begic, a Bosnian Muslim, rediscovered religion when she was trying to rebuild her life after the country's devastating war.

"I was raised in total freedom, not burdened by tradition," said the 30-year old. She is the first woman in her family to wear the headscarf since her great-grandmother.

Although most Muslim girls in Bosnia follow fashion, drink alcohol, smoke and socialize freely, they also increasingly observe fasts and religious holidays. Some, like Begic, choose to wear the headscarf over their Western brand clothes.

"People were surprised, commented, asked questions. Some found it totally unacceptable. But it is absolutely my own choice," she said while waiting for the start of an avant-garde theatre play in Sarajevo.

Bosnian Muslims are Europe's only indigenous Muslim population, Slavs who adopted Islam during Ottoman rule starting in the 15th century. They traditionally practiced a tolerant, "gentle" form of Islam that adapted official doctrine to local customs.

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Adheim said...

very kool Alhumdulillah i know of
lots of similar ppl here with same
story about hijab and praicing islam and stuff . but i live in the carribean nice to know other ppl in the world doing the same